Hotel Kids- Help for those who need it!

Houses of Hope works with many Non profit organizations, and love to work with them to help those in need. We have worked with youth, elders, adults, military, bereaved parents, among others. Our mission is to help those in need, and we work very hard to make that happen as much as we possibly can. One of the organizations that we work with, especially as it gets cold, is Hotel Kids.


This is an organization that provides aid to homeless children and their parents.  The families are placed into hotels until there is available Section 8 housing for them. However, this is a temporary fix, and the families can only stay in the hotels for 28 days. After that 28 days they have to move because Hampton and Newport News do not want anyone living for extended periods in hotels or motels that don’t have kitchens, so they enacted similar length-of-stay laws that say “It shall be unlawful for any person … to stay … longer than (30) days in a (60) day period.”

This is problematic for many families with no other alternative, and in truth it is possible to plug in a crock pot or a skillet and cook in the room. There are some was to get a waiver with the city, and if you get an approval, Hampton has a 30-day extension, and Newport News a 90-day extension.

Hotel Kid works to help these families by providing things such as food, clothing, diapers, baby supplies, blankets, furniture, towels, shoes, toiletries, etc. The organization is also in need of storage units to store items collected to help our local homeless families in need.

This Organization is also sponsoring some events with Santa so these kids can be provided with toys and needed items for Christmas.


Their Facebook page has lots of updates as well as videos and photos of the wonderful things Hotel Kids is doing to assist and bring joy to these families.

All gifts both monetary and items are tax deductible!

Lets work together to make the lives of homeless families in our local area better! Together we can make a difference that is lasting and meaningful!!

Please watch this story about these families done by Wavy 10

Thank you for your support!

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